There will be two lengths of talks: 40 and 20 minutes for invited and submitted presentations respectively. In both cases, speakers are encouraged to allow about 5 minutes at the end for questions and discussion within their time slot.

Programme  Schedule (pdf, 88 kb)


Book of abstracts will be published prior to the Symposium and distributed among the participants on Registration.
Its electronic version (split into several parts, for convenience) can be viewed and downloaded in pdf format below.
To find a specific abstract, please look up an author's name and corresponding page number in the file  Author Index (pdf, 31 kb)

pages 1-20 (pdf, 367 kb)
pages 21-31 (pdf, 599 kb)
pages 32-42 (pdf, 1332 kb)
pages 43-56 (pdf, 748 kb)
pages 57-72 (pdf, 720 kb)
pages 73-78 (pdf, 179 kb)
pages 79-89 (pdf, 1231 kb)
pages 90-95 (pdf, 3523 kb)
Author Index (pdf, 31 kb)