Invited speakers Abstract titles

Hassan Aref

Vortex dynamics of wakes

Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev, Sergey M. Ramodanov

Mathematical methods of dynamics of vortex

Yasuhide Fukumoto

Analogy of a vortex-jet filament with the Kirchhoff elastic rod and its dynamical extension

Gérard Iooss, Pavel Plotnikov

Three-dimensional doubly-periodic travelling gravity water waves

Gert Jan F. van Heijst

Forced and decaying two-dimensional turbulence

Shigeo Kida, Watanabe Takeshi
and Taya Takao

Unstable-periodic-flow analysis of Couette turbulence

Yoshifumi Kimura

Motion of an elliptic vortex ring and particle transport

Ziv Kizner

Stability of hetonic quartets. Exploring transitions in baroclinic modons

Valery V. Kozlov

On Lagrangian turbulence

Chjan C. Lim

Stability and phase transition to super-rotation in barotropic vortex dynamics on a rotating sphere

Vyacheslav Meleshko

Near wall control and transport properties
of two-dimensional vortex structures

Keith Moffatt

Vortex structures: The legacy of Helmholtz and Kelvin

Anatoly I. Neishtadt

On adiabatic invariance in volume-preserving

Nathan Paldor

The validity of the nondivergence assumption
in 2D vortex dynamics on the rotating earth

Gregory M. Reznik

Nonlinear dynamics of semi-transparent equatorial waveguide

Vladimir A. Vladimirov

Vibrodynamics of solid+fluid

Stephen A. Wiggins

High dimensional Hamiltonian dynamical systems: Theory and computational realization for theoretical chemistry

Vladimir E. Zakharov

Dynamics of almost parallel vortex lines

George M. Zaslavsky

Nonintegrability and fractional kinetics along
the filamented surfaces

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